Crossing Over

Refers to The Neurocean Line, or similar 'nearing the Neurocean/Line', an alleged condition born out of the Neuroceans cyber-realms. It causes sickness, mental disorientation or sensations of disembodiment. They are cases of such mental immersion (due to interfaces harnessing brain activity) that the body may be lost or drowned. There is much conjecture surrounding the line. It was first encountered by visitors to a webworld called 'Boston Island', a legendary but also infamous creation that led to cases of mental overload and death. Following this, interfaces were created more in tandem with real sensory experience. Rumours continue and searches for mystical interfaces and powers are widespread. The Spiral Interface is the most known of the latest high-tech means of access and there are rumours that hidden virtual worlds exist that harness its most potent - and hidden - features yet possible in the virtual. 

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