The Firecube Academy (of Virtual Artists). The flame is the drive and the cube is the mind.’ This is situated virtually within the Know-Zones. Within its campuses is taught the weaving of colour and light: ‘the true magic of design’, in all its forms. For with the control of imagery comes the responsibility that comes with summoning such illusion and using it for controlling purposes. That is why the Academy retains aspects of a natural Lore (the Lore of Being) to accompany its skill-teaching and envelop them with a form of nature spirituality linked with science. This has added a sense of mystique and weight to graduates of its online programs. It also teaches a significant level of coding and mathematics. The Institute exists solely online (in illustrious backdrops and virtual settings) and often works closely with other groups, such as developers and different sections of the Web Police. In reaction to the widespread proliferation of online schools, Firecube became more selective and secretive, and it is known that its Apprentice-Teacher method is by invitation only. Selected recruits are shown the mystical ‘Introductions’ or Firecube Insights, including ‘The Innervating Way’ and ‘the Forms’. These show something of the strength of design, its connection with science and its power to deceive and also inspire. See also Innervators

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