This was an early incarnation of the Development Division, in which Dr. Benjamin Fielding originally worked as a tester and graphical designer. It now 'focuses' on the hardware side only, including the Spiral Interface, working closely with the Division.

Their first, ground-breaking efforts with virtual interface development created a smooth link between brainwaves and control over virtual space in the Neuroceans. This interface technology was swiftly banned following an incident involving testers experimenting 'in-world'. This is what led to a rapid re-structure of the company, and a race to alter and perfect it to become safe for widespread application and experience. So far - with its core role in the success of The Spiral - it seems Immertech has successfully tuned the hardware. However, there remain many questions and rumours about how 'toned-down' the potential was, and whether or not there remain latent, in-built powers still present in the technology, waiting for careful, incremental release into the mainstream. 

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