Early webworlds / superworlds that first encountered the phenomenon of dangerous loss of mind and body control. It was a double-sided creation, mostly due to its utilization of an advanced interface that led to cases of suicide or death. (It was even claimed that extended powers in RL were said to have emanated from some of its users, contributing to conspiracy theories and heightened support for spiritual or Buddhist concepts). One of its ‘test-beds’ was shut down as it was alleged that company insiders were the cause of certain incidents. Another result that was claimed was that the interface was never completely tested and had caused such a deep connection with a Virtual Environment that research may never now fully explain. Other rumours say that the information still exists regarding the interface. This may have been due to the influence of Dr. Benjamin Fielding – one of the testers and subsequent designers of the later interfaces – who successfully shut down the Neuroceans project and files. 

However, some positive outcomes emerged from ‘The Neurocean Line’ dangers. New brain-wave interfaces were created more carefully and more in tandem with RL sensory experience. See also: Crossing Over. This includes the emergence of The Spiral Webworlds, a tower of ‘locked-down’ or bound portals to webworlds which have passed full testing.

Neuroceans Worlds: These contained many early and often ill-tested sims, often developed by members of the Firecube Academy.  These included those of the Embertime musical Jamworlds and also Ariella. These tranquil spaces were designed uniquely by Firecube to inspire and enthuse the visiting ‘soul’. They were refuges of peace to restore feelings of well-being, aligned to the Lore of Being and highlighting the deep connection of our species to the Earth. Named after the free spirit of imagination Ariel in Shakepeare's The Tempest, Ariella was originally unbound, but became increasingly attacked by negative hackers and vandals. Eventually it was destroyed in its original form, but versions have arisen ever since and rumours of a lost, secret copy still in existence persist. An opposite world to Ariella is Bedlam4.

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