Spiral Interface

A special variety of Virtual Reality Interface that emerged from the infamous early worlds and testing sims that were ‘The Neuroceans’. Like never before, it provided a deep, signature connection to virtual environments by utilizing brain-waves and various physical aspects such as breathing. A special term ‘slow-surfacing’ was used to describe returning to normal reality. Once widespread health concerns had been addressed, including new overlay systems and acclimatizing features in-built, it was officially re-launched to coincide with The Spiral. This concept aimed to link - online - any worthy Virtual Experience or game world that utilized the interface’s potential and had passed full-testing and screening procedures. The immersive potential allowed for such deep involvement with the Virtual that many of these experiences were entertainment ‘escapist’ creations, although many educational and scientific ones emerged too. Perhaps ironically, this also included a nature-illuminating island world of Fountellion, which aimed to remind all visitors of a deep relationship and connection to nature, the ‘Source-world’.

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