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'For only YOU can complete these fragments, stories and social media voices from a game-saturated future age to piece together the mystery and legacy of 'Fountellion'...'

PLAY THE GAME: Fountellion, a.k.a. 'the green garden'.....

[An Interactive Walkthrough Guide/Visualisation, also featuring:
extracts, fragments, game captures and voices compiled by John Leaven, FC]

  • PROGRESSION ONE: The Nature of the Game / The Parting of the Corn (PvE) [status = Released]
  • PROGRESSION TWO: The Fountain and The Flickermen [status = LOCKED]
  • PROGRESSION THREE: The Village [status = LOCKED]
  • PROGRESSION FOUR: Be Lost to The World [status = LOCKED]
  • PROGRESSION FIVE:  The Forge and The Spire [status = LOCKED]
  • FINAL PROGRESSION: Bleakmuse, the Balance and Insight Six [status = LOCKED]
  • SESSION DATA: Completion, Readership Awards, Mages and Beyond... [status = LOCKED]

Textual Resources: [STATUS: In development. Access RESTRICTED]
  • 'The Gamebook of Fountellion in The Spiral' - A 'source' book by Prof. Benjamin Fielding [status = HIDDEN]
  • FOUNTELLION GAMEPLAY + GAME DATA  - Original Design & Development document [status = within Progression One]

Fountellion @youtube........