Spiral (The)

'The Spiral' is a growing portal to advanced Virtual Web-Worlds (most effectively) created for the use of the advanced Spiral Interface. They are linked virtually/visually by The Spiral Tower (hence the term), known also as the Dreamspire with its spiral staircase with multiple doorways to worlds that are connected to it. They form the various needs of society: science, gaming, visualization, love, communication etc. The tower grows higher the more worlds are connected to it. 

All of the 'super-worlds' that attain a place within the advanced Spiral 'fabric' share common interface features and become curated by the Development Division, to ensure safety and positive content in a live service plan. 

A way out of the Tower is said to lead to the mystical nature-realm of Fountellion, an island of Nature and Revelation. 
Click here for a list of the major Spiral doorways....

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