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Re: 'A Personal Invitation'......

'My name is Professor Ben Fielding and I'd like to invite you to experience our 'Game'. 
Despite recently being only open to (restricted) Early Access players, it will remain in a continual state of beta development long after its various doorways are open to all.
As a dedicated spokesman for a certain kind of Game-world my team and I feel sure that you'll accept our invitation to try it for yourself, along with the few others in number so far invited. 
Possible errors and residual bugs together with any suggestions may be reported by vocal commands when you have 'acclimatised' to the surroundings. 
Please ensure you follow carefully the tutorials for the Interface as you may find it makes potent use of - particularly- its dedicated, fully-immersive technology. 
Despite anything you may have read or heard, we hold high hopes you will experience it simply from your own perspective and without any preconceived beliefs or expectations, since we feel its evolution, now set in motion, will ultimately form part of the responsibility of all its players. 
Instructions for your special 'Fountellion' access are as follows...'

So... that morning, it seems, would mark a marriage of sorts, of his past with his future, and a door into his next quest. A new dream had been given to him, to what he had always, perhaps, been looking for: an ultimate game? If it were really possible...! Why had he been chosen? Because of something in his (still humble) game channelhe supposed
He looked again at the text and re-read the sections again. He tried to clear his mind and think objectively but part of him couldn't help wondering: Were the rumours true? Would this be the game-changer, that would begin to transform the worlds of games and the lives of their players - and his own?

from 'In The Spiral' - BOOK 1

          and... Fountellion - Everything We Know So Far.... 

GAME CAPTURES.... coming soon

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