About the Writer

Ade is somewhat of a recluse. He rarely gives interviews and, although inspired by technology, attempts to keep a balanced, green-tinted view of 'progress'. 
He reckons his 'Spiral' writings will be the only science-fiction he will write, although the 'beta' versions of the files may continue to grow and change for some time, with this site. 

He wrote two other titles a long time ago: a short collection of poetry (pre-social networking) called 'Gathered on This Beach' and an illustrated title for young adults 'The Wildness Within and The Tree of Eyes': a short tale about seeing. These are available for small prices on Amazon

- Ade's Press / Greenwise Designs (personal blog for art, writing, freelance work). 
You may find other writings/experiments available in strange, dusty corners of the web.

Experiments in music (for those with a pair of decent headphones) ...these are free to hear on Soundcloud: guitar-based and electronica/mixing (including Spiral-inspired tracks). 

Originally from the UK, and the Source.
Before the Metaverses began...