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...and not only books! Now there are 'writing NFTs' where you can collect an origin fragment of Fountellion (rare or limited edition) thanks to web3:   
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Firstly... what is The Spiral?

The Spiral is a growing web of advanced virtual 'web-worlds' and spaces that are most effectively accessed via The Spiral Interface. Once sufficiently immersed, its portals (within The Spiral Tower) transport the user to elaborate worlds that exist for the various needs of society: science, communication, visualization, gaming, love and desire... The tower grows higher the more realms are connected to it, but where cracks are starting to appear...
You can access below BOOK 1, a collection of connected short stories, voices, nano-fiction, fragments and poems (see below).

Connected Stories and Fragments from the Virtual Future
on Medium and Wattpad

Includes following (longer) short stories:
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Secondly... what is Fountellion?

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Fountellion already exists, its 'beta heroes' might say. It is bound to 'the Source', to nature and evolution. But inside the virtual fabric of 'The Spiral' it is a new and potent reflection of nature, its mages summoning others into its fully immersive experience... For mankind has built this 'nature simulation' to reveal nature's powers more clearly, as they stir within. Maybe, it's to show to ourselves just who and what we are. But are people ready to see, or too late? And how do you get there? Well, maybe you've always been there... and may soon open your eyes to where you have been, all this time. For the door to Fountellion has at last appeared inside The Spiral Tower...

There are reports that inside the virtual it is a mystical, island 'super-world', hiding its green light within seven 'insights' - a quest of salvation for those lost and blinded by the legacy of the darker virtual experiences.

Only YOU can find out - by completing these fragments, stories, walk-throughs and social media voices from a future time saturated by game culture - to piece together the mystery, vision and the legacy of 'Fountellion'.

pre-release notes: Fountellion - Everything We Know So Far...

Fountellion in The Spiral: Greenwise and The Nature of the Game [LitRPG / GameLit]
on Wattpad 2017 and Medium

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