Veteran Gamer Finds NEW KEY into ‘FOUNTELLION’! What We Know So Far about the new ‘FIELDING FRAGMENT’…

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Everyone knows of the mystery still surrounding the present location of Professor Benjamin Fielding, respected Virtual World creator and interface pioneer. Some of his former team also went underground and off-grid - taking with them special access to a forthcoming online web-world called ‘Fountellion’. You’d need to be disconnected not to have heard something about what it offers: a beautiful, mature experience allegedly pushing VR immersion to dizzy new heights - or depths. No-one knows when or for how long exactly it’s been in development, but surely it’s been riding on the back of the huge success both of The Spiral - with its tower of connected, curated Web-world ‘portals’ - and its Spiral Interface (currently the best way to experience them).

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