Ready Player Green? VR Game Concept 'Fountellion' goes CC0 via Writing NFTs.....

Updates 2021+...


What brought you to this webpage? 

Fountellion needs... You! 

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Note: follow latest (origin) writings & updating fragments on the Medium publication (free) + collectible NFT writings (old and new) via the 'Treasured Island' collection on Readl (currently on Polygon) and also a few on Mirror

Note that all new ideas and (expanding) writings and content now live in the public domain (CC0).

There is also a Gitbook site aimed at a potential NFT community of green folk interested in helping to build or expand the game + metaverse project, based on unfolding stories, fragments and concepts.

The Discord server is early stage, so please visit Ade's Press contact page, to request Invite link.

Older NFT Collectors! The First NEWORLD Awaits...

The Fountellion in The Spiral Origin collection on Ethereum (Opensea, 2021+) includes collectible items from 'In The Spiral' and 'Fountellion in The Spiral'. These serve to help break down the key components of the project and chronicle new ideas and fragments. 

Each NFT also may serve as 'keys' for holders to access extra content along with the power to influence and govern the concept and future of Fountellion (a CC0 nature game concept open to anyone). They may help it evolve, as myself or other (Medium etc.) contributors add any new content.

If you're interested in being part of the concept for a first, truly evolving 'green game' + metaverse, then please get in touch.

You can still access the origin account 'Greenwise and the Nature of the Game' on Amazon and some on Wattpad too, but the Medium Publication will have latest updates...

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