'Fountellion' - Everything We Know So Far....

Before The Open Beta Release:

The New Spiral World -
'FOUNTELLION' : Everything We Know So Far...

From the official release notes…

‘An island world; a sanctuary; the new Game of Being; a true revelatory experience of our place in nature…
We invite you to Fountellion, through the green gate which will soon be unlocked, for all things to appear as they truly are... upon an island... of nature, change and inspiration. For this VRMMO Super-World will depict nature so intricately it will be astonish and enthral you. Plants, mammals, birds, insects - birth, evolution...and death... This is a simulation of Life based on a Taiga-like forest biome.
At its heart lies the Fountain but there are seven, key, symbolic areas. They are the Estuary, the Fountain, the Monastery, the Village, the Fire; the Forge and the Spire. Within these regions lie hidden Insights ‘in coloured sight’ that reveal secrets not only of the island but of nature and our place inside of it. They can only be experienced uniquely, activated by deed and spoken word.  
As a new traveler - a seeker - your quest is to unlock these Seven Insights, where knowledge of six will unlock the final, and break the grip of the Tower across the island. However, it is an emotional, instinctive world and the power of change and flight, the Focus, does not come easily. It is the core practice of the advanced interface, and those who use it expose themselves to the cursed Stokermen, who are the minions of something - or someone - dark, that works at the top of the Tower...
But there sleeps… hope. For down in the smoke and refuge of the Village the Flicker-Folk have a saying: ‘For the Spire must fall in Fountellion..’
What will you bring to this vast, open-world ‘game’, a lifetime in the making. And what will you take away? How much will you be changed, when you emerge into the sunlight blinking, after so many sessions ‘connected’?
This is a game where reality and fantasy meet in a tapestry of nature and the human; a true super-world to ignite a new revolution in virtual gaming and carve greater dimensions where everyone may live, or be born again… For it is said that those who find Fountellion... find themselves, and a way back to a deep awareness of Nature within and without.....'

Sounds good?! But just what does this really mean? What can we expect by way of actual gameplay as the doorway finally opens to staggered amounts of users in a few weeks time? Well, let’s break it down…

The island world of Fountellion is set to be as extensively made as any of the top Spiral Game-worlds have been, only better. It’s reported to make a more fluid and intoxicating use of the Spiral interface than we’ve yet seen. But can you find it? To access Fountellion in its early 'closed beta' phase you will need to find a key, or be given an invitation possibly based on existing credentials. Only later will the game 'open up' to everyone. It is based on aspects of the Neuroceans title, ‘the Game of Being’, only far more elaborate in terms of game experience. But what of the ‘game’ itself?
‘Enter into Nature’. So it’s an open world game, a free-roaming, experiential adventure-survival game, inspired by nature. However, in this game a player has powers that are more magical and enhanced than outside, here, in our humble Source reality.
Game ‘pioneers’ - the few key-finders and invitees - are already inside and roaming the Closed Beta, but so far they have remained very quiet and secretive. No avalogs are yet cleared for public view onto the V-web, but expect this to change soon, creating some overnight ‘Beta Heroes’. In the meantime, as we hardened gamers stand on the cusp of new revelations and experiences in this long-awaited, secretive ‘game-changer’, we have gathered up a few rare seeds that seem to have fallen onto the pathways - so many of which are now leading  into the ‘Green Garden’ project (its development title)…

  • INTERFACE = intense.
Rumours are that the Division have really ‘opened’ the specs on the Spiral Interface. So...be prepared. If there is any core item our review team will focus on - it will be this. But as yet, we can’t get any more details beyond the gesture-led EEG and breathing combinations. If it is to be something special, then we feel it needs to be more intuitive than ever. ‘Attunement’ here we come..

  • LANDSCAPE and NATURE = awesome.
Fully interactive, free-roaming, super-detailed, world persistence for each island ‘instance’ generated. The key word here is Taiga. Look this up and we’re talking northerly boreal forest survival. It will also give you lists of inter-dependent wildlife and habitats that should involve any or all of the following: coniferous trees, shrubs, moss, bogs, lakes, mountains...  

  • ARTIFICIAL LIFE = tons :)!
If dev rumours are confirmed this could be mind-blowing. An ecosystem is living and breathing around you, which means we’ll see a lot of serious emergent behavior in a fully inter-connected, evolving food chain. From insects, birds, rodents, rabbits, deer to... wildcats and wolves! How will these interact with players and affect gameplay? Good question. Will it be typical hunting and resource-gathering gameplay? Yes... and more… since you’ll be able to ‘ride’ and make use of most creatures, but that’s all the details we have. Players will surely need to learn their place, however, and we reckon this probably means seeking shelter and earning your keep with the local inhabitants.

  • QUESTS = survival-based, but also spiritual or pantheistic(?).
We’ve put two and two together. This is a nature-inspired game. So expect the simple - or complex - task of survival to be at its core. We can see suggestions of a more human-orientated quest, but no details have emerged beyond the presence of a form of spiritual wisdom gleaned via ‘insights’ into the natural world. The ‘Game of Being’ returns?

  • GAMEPLAY MODES and POWERS = interface.
It’s expected that these will be ‘intimately and ultimately’ linked with the interface to create an optimal experience of a game designed to be ‘experiential’. Sounds a bit like.... Life? But ever wondered what it’s like to be the size of a grasshopper, within the jungle of grass towering over you? Ever wondered what it’s like to turn into a wildcat, and survive for weeks roaming as one? Or what about a bird, or many such animals caught within the ‘balance’ and struggle of the island life.

  • A.I. / PvP / PvE / MMO = yes !
What will be the available game modes - optional or inherent? Well, we can reveal a few things here via an unofficial DD source. They’ve said that there’ll be a mix of NPC and other players, allowing - technically - for both PvE and PvP situations. But how will the latter benefit progression? Not a lot. Or... as much as a brawl in a bar benefits anyone trying to win friends. It might help clear the air. Or not. This is a survival or PvE game primarily, but we reckon that cooperation will be essential, especially in the Village area. We’ve been able to create a list that could be a great head start… Share wisely!

Coming Soon! Characters You May Meet…(a Pioneer’s Guide)

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